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March 14, 2014 - Chicago, Illinois

UrHarmoni Entertainment organized in 2012 to provide a platform to present various forms of performing arts, i.e. stage plays,  skits, musicals, and creative writing.  The mission is to bring "real life"  issues to the stage for the purpose of providing positive solutions.  

All proceeds will benefit UrHarmoni Community Resource Center

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The Cashmeres family own and operates one of the largest funeral chapels in the Harrisburg community of Chicago. In plain sight, it appears as if they've reached the epitome of wealth and success. Unbeknownst to their admirers, the Cashmeres has just as much - or even more dysfunctional issues than some of the clients they service.

Read about the Cashmere family and a few of their clients as the story of twin sibling rivalry, deceit, and much more is uncovered as the successor of the Final Rest Funeral Chapel is revealed after the death of the patriarch.

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