UrHarmoni Entertainment

Monica  P. Macklin - President/Executive Director

Tiffany Gamble - Executive Assistant/Board Member/Clothes Pantry

Mikhail Perryman - Program Coordinator - Food Pantry/Board Member

Karyn Grice - Board Member

​Damon Mason - Board Member/Hospitality Manager

​Loretta Allen - Volunteer 

Victoria Allen - Volunteer

Sandra Smiley - Volunteer 

Erecka Anderson - Volunteer

​Desiree Banks - Volunteer

UrHarmoni Community Resource Center (pronounced Your Harmony)  incorporated September 2008.  Our Board of Directors and Support Staff are educators and experienced in the areas of Child Care and Youth Development, Human Services, Human Resources Management, Performing Arts, Food Pantry and Transitional Housing. 

Our Mission

Board of Directors/Staff


Our mission is to create and/or provide human service programs to children, senior citizens and families in the community.

A few of our programs

Want more information?

In 2013, UrHarmoni CRC was pleased to welcome our "Entertainment" division.  The UrHarmoni Entertainment entity will present live-stage productions/plays that deal with real-life issues with positive solutions. Feel free to view the "UrHarmoni Entertainment" page for our upcoming events.

  1. Harmoni Transitional Housing
  2. Adult/Youth Career & Workforce Development
  3. Patsy P's Food Pantry
  4. ​Health & Fitness for the Soul

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